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New ICO, IEO and STO in the ICO Listing of Cryptocurrencies

We tell you all the most important things about new blockchain idea, current and future cryptocurrency investment projects and solutions in crypto. This year we are waiting for a large number of promising ICO.

Follow our initial coin offering listing of Cryptocurrencies Offerings and don't miss successful offering for investment in crypto and cryptocurrency distribution programs and ICO airdrops.

Differences between ICO and IEO tokens sales

An ICO list of cryptocurrencies is similar to IEO in many ways. The key difference between ICO and IEO - IEO is listed in cooperation with DEX.

Cooperation with the DEX provides investors with the way to purchase cryptocurrency tokens directly on DEX. This can be better for all participants. The DEX support of IEO means more security. The team placing the IEO has benefits from a high investor’s attention. The DEX has financial benefits from the project success.

Differences between ICO and STO (Security Token Offerings)

Security token (securities) offerings was a popular type of coin offering. From a tech point of view, they are identical, cryptocurrency created and distributed in the same way. However, from a legal point of view, these are completely different cases. Due to some legal uncertainty, there is no consensus on how regulators should qualify ICOs. As a result, the industry still does not feel any meaningful regulation. Some companies decide to use STO as a way to offer shares as tokens.

Legal regulation and legal status of ICO

Due to the lack of a universal set of rules suitable for every cryptocurrency-related ICO project, the relevant regulations vary between different jurisdictions, and in most cases, each project has its own nuances that can affect how government authorities treat its activities. It should be noted that the lack of regulation in some countries does not give the right to free crowdfunding of a project through an ICO, so it is very important to get professional legal advice before using this form of financing for your project.


ICO risks! The idea of a new high yield tokens is tempting, but always comes with risks. As with any cryptocurrency investment, there is no guarantee that you will get a positive return on investment (ROI).

It is rather difficult to determine the prospects of the ICO, since many factors must be taken into account. Potential investors should conduct a due diligence and carefully study the project in which they plan to invest money. This process involves careful fundamental analysis. 

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